BG32A Pneumatic Filling And Sealing Machine

BG32A Pneumatic Filling And Sealing Machine

Model: BG32A, 2 cup
Type: Pneumatic Form Fill & Seal Machine, Pneumatic Cup Filling And Sealing Machine, BG32A automatic cup filling sealing machine

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BG32A Pneumatic Filling And Sealing Machine Description


BG32A-2C plastic cup (box) pneumatic filling and sealing machine is suitable for the production of all kinds of rice pudding, mung bean sauces, beverages, spices, jam, tofu and other products with automatic drop cup, filling, disinfection, photoelectric tracking, sealing (Cover), automatic core cut, waste film recycling and other functions. Machine has a high degree of automation, sealing strength, and reasonable structure, high efficiency, suitable for all kinds of imported and domestic aluminum-plastic, PP, PE, CPP composite reel packaging sealing materials.

Technical Parameters:

Machine Model

BG32A-2C Plastic Cup (box) Pneumatic Filling and Sealing Machine


1400 cups / hour

Filling volume

50 ~ 400 grams (can be customized)

Filling accuracy

<± 1.5%




220V / 50HZ (special order can be customized)

Temperature range

room temperature to  300 ℃

Overall dimensions

2200 × 600 × 1650mm


About 300 kg

 Filling and Sealing Machine

Filling and Sealing Machine

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