DGS Series Weighing Packaging Machine Two Hoppers


 DGS series weighing packaging machine is a semi-automatic packing machine, used in the quantitative packaging of granular products such as washing powder, iodized salt, corn, wheat, rice and sugar. This machine is characterized with automatic feeding, automatic weighing, automatic zeroing, automatic accumulation, out-of-tolerance alarm and other functions, manual bagging, induction and discharging, simple operation, easy to use, reliable performance, durable, and service life of more than 10 years.

1.High precision, high speed, high reliability and high cost performance.
2.Touch screen operation display, weighing specifications are continuously adjustable.
3.Double vibration feed, one large feed fast feed, one small feed slow feed, the amplitude is continuously adjustable.
4.The display resolution of 0.1kg or less is 0.1g.
5.150-250V wide operating voltage range.
6.Contains statistics on total bag number, total weight, average value, and pass rate.
7.Card-type receiving nozzle.
8.Double-head packing scale can be used for rolling and unloading in parallel, and the range and error are doubled when cutting in parallel.
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