Nuts Automatic Packaging Machine Price $5400


 Nuts Automatic Packaging Machine Price: $5400 (FOB Shanghai)

Advantages of Automatic Packaging Machine:
The belt from the package is also beautiful and fast, which improves the packaging efficiency of workers. Automatic packaging machines also reduce a lot of waste and save costs.
The workflow of the automatic packaging machine:
The automatic packaging machine is basically in the middle of the package. First, the right abutment rises, presses the front end of the belt, and tightens the strap on the object; then the left abutment rises, presses the appropriate position of the lower belt, and the heating sheet extends into the two belts. In the middle, the middle knives rise, cut the belt, and finally send the next tying strap to the position to complete a cycle of packaging work.
1. Remove the debris or dirt from the machine once a week;
2. Lubricate the cleaning and maintenance of the upper skateboard and the middle knife and the front top knife once a month;
3. Add the appropriate lubricating oil to all cam surfaces and the upper extension shaft core once a week;
4. Replenish the oil in the gearbox of the reducer once a year;
5. It should be noted that several parts can not be refueled: send and retract the roller, all belts, slides and surrounding, electromagnetic clutch;
6. Do not add too much each time you refuel, so as to avoid the micro switch malfunctioning due to oil immersion.
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